VR head set is available from samsung. This could be so max. Reality is not so REAL any more.

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more pause

This does give me more pause. It is cheap SC cards that cannot record 4K movies. Like we call it the fearsome san disk pause. Well, it is worrisome. Maybe we need to get faster ones. Do not like to have it stop after a few seconds of filming a scene. Oh yes, flash memory is expensive.

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triple scoop of poop

Little kids love ice cream. However, politicians are feeding us BS again. They are a triple scoop of poop. Like we want the truth, but they are lying to us.

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Beyond space

Beyond space we go. There are new issues. Glad that radiation is just one.  Frankly, we see a stall in the space race. Yeah, out shuttle is gone. If you want a rocket, you have to call russia up. Maybe, they can still want to be in the um space game. Oh yes, for how long no one can imagine. This is not what we saw years ago.  Citizens back then saw a dream of travelling to our far corners. Wish it were still so. Disney talked about flying cars and men on mars. It all seems like a dream now. Reality is seldom as pleasant as the fantastic future we can imagine.

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This just in. Basically, nurses are injury prone.

Like we are not making this one up.

It is serious. Yeah, we got worries.

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Blizzard is massive

Get ready for some snow. Blizzard is massive. Oh wow, we can see it coming. Like may God have mercy on us. NYC had to go thru Sandy last year. Well, there is a storm now. It is we feel even worse. Yeah, this one is super max in size. Hope for the best, but for the worst we may prepare.

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no money

It does affect us. Like there is no money. NASA did cancel some missions. That is because of a drop in revenue. All this talk of trimming expenses. It hits us. Yeah, right in the pocket book even. Expect more cuts in coming years. That is the future my fine ones.

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