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Ethanol soon gone

Ethanol tax credit is going away. That was used to produce ethanol from corn. Later that ethanol was blended with gas. Well, it was known as the new fuel for us. Yeah, a kind of green energy. Advertisements

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nasty hurricane season

Folks, we may have one nasty hurricane season. Atlantic waters are warming up. It is going to be one long hot summer. Expect disasters and damage max major.

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US debt default

US debt default is very serious. Folks, we are in a squeeze. Government is getting less money as our economy worsens. They could raise taxes and crush us even more. That would be a mistake long term, but what can

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Apaches in Libyan mission

For the first time, there are apache helicopters in libyan mission. I mean an invasion. This is very sad for us. Hey, it is another war. Hope that you see. This is our third war now.

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