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Looking ahead

Perhaps on an alternate timeline we have a lot of money. People however, are struggling on ours. It is hard to find a job that pays. Also, people are in a squeeze. Taxes will soon go up. However, that is

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It is my advice that you learn food prep. This skill will be very valuable to you. Hey, we kid you not on this one. Actually, I see shortages of food taking place. People need to prepare.

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Borders liquidating

Borders is forced to liquidate and will close all stores down soon. It certainly is a very grim saga. Like a BOOK may be written, but it would be a tragedy for all of us. People need to see what

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Drought is coming

Yeah, it is really dry this year. What can we say. It is not just me. Scientists are saying that a massive drought is coming. Multiple states are affected by the drought and it is massive. I predict a reduction

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more on rubbing plate

There is an HDR rubbing plate we use. Like wow, this HDR is awesome. I do not understand it all, but here we are.

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