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super size me mon

Hey, super size me mon. US debt grows. It bigger every year. What are we going to do when we got no money. That day is not far away. Advertisements

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hopkins jacobs scenario

OK the hopkins jacobs scenario is that some aliens are visiting us from outer space. Well, maybe from inner space. Well, they are creating hybrids that will infiltrate human society and take us over. Yeah, in a nut shell that

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Prediction in games

There are some major changes coming. Expect these to hit you soon. For example, look at my prediction in games. I am saying that people are going to be spending on food the little money they currently are using. Well

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coding skills

Coding skill as super. People are joining learn 2 code now. This is max. Hope you learn some skill that help you

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Gordon Gekko

Gordon Gekko said greed is good, but is that so? I do not agree. Look at the fruits of the tree we say. What bitter fruits we harvest from avarice. Good to keep in mind if you plan to vote

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Steven Gibbs Quiz

Folks, here it is. Check out the new Steven Gibbs quiz. Learn some thing that is new. Oh wow, here we go. This is a real super one.

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