Time Travel in movies

People often see Time Travel in movies. If it were possible to travel through time in real life, there would be a lot of people hitting the undo, redo, and delete buttons in the various aspects of their lives. But, that’s just in the movies – or, perhaps still in the drawing board of some scientific laboratory somewhere around the globe. In the meantime, while everyone should strive to live life to the fullest, it would be a fun idea to have a marathon of time travel movies as a weekend activity with family or friends. You are sure to have a time travel movie for everyone since every movie genre around has a movie or two that involves time travel or what is also referred to as predestination paradoxes.

The popularity of these time travel movies stems from what sociologists find to be an inherent human desire to experience an alternate world or to perhaps change his fate one way or another. Although disputed by scientists, being able to travel through time could happen in both directions, to the past or to the future. Movies that show people travelling back in time often have an underlying mission for the character to undo or to correct something that has been done in the past. By doing so, the character is supposed to change the way the future unfolds. On the other hand, those movies with characters travelling to the future have some sort of messianic element in which the time traveller goes to the future to witness dire events and then goes back to his present time to prevent it from happening.


I love time travel.

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